2012 presidential electoral college projections

Using Census Bureau data, this report projects the share of Hispanic voters nationally and in battleground states for the upcoming election.

2012 presidential electoral college projections

But one analyst sees a way the two candidates could end up tied in electoral votes. New Hampshire, Michigan and Arizona. There have been faithless electors since the founding of the Electoral College inaccording to the nonprofit FairVote. That scenario has played out two times, in and inaccording to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

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According to CNN projections, Trump won the state. In New Hampshire, with percent of precincts reporting, Clinton received But a Clinton win there is not a sure thing; the difference of just 1, votes between the candidates could be within the margin for a candidate to request a recount.

That can happen when the difference between the votes is less than 20 percent in the area to be recounted. In Michigan, the secretary of state reported InMichigan reported 2, provisional ballotsso the number could be similar.

The addition of that many votes would not necessarily meet the margin of 2, votes or less that the state requires for an automatic recount. The recount range there, he says, is 0. But Clinton conceded the race. Could she still become president? He notes that Al Gore initially conceded to George W.

McDonald says Trump has most likely won the election, but more work must be done behind the scenes in those toss-up states.

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This article has been updated to include information about whether a political concession is binding.from Wired article– Because Wang has sailed True North all along, while Silver has been cautiously trying to tack his FiveThirtyEight data sailboat (weighted down with ESPN gold bars) through treacherous, Category-Five-level-hurricane headwinds in what has easily been the craziest presidential campaign in the modern political era.

For example, George W. Bush won the presidential election despite losing the popular vote because he won the electoral college. The projection of the results in each state is based on two. Nov 07,  · Barack Obama may have comfortably won re-election in the electoral college, and opened up a decisive lead (two million and counting) in the popular vote.

But here is the absolute, undoubted winner. provides information on the upcoming Presidential, Gubernatorial, and Senatorial Elections, including the Polls as well as the Predictions individual state results pages for the Presidential Elections from through votes by state, the electoral college, etc.), Presidential Election Law from the U.

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All of the presidential electors from the enacting states will be supporters of the presidential candidate receiving the most popular votes in all 50 states (and DC)—thereby guaranteeing that candidate with an Electoral College majority. Nov 04,  · With just over 48 hours to go before the Presidential election it is "too close to call" according to many media outlets.

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2012 presidential electoral college projections
After Barack Obama Wins , Republicans Will Destroy the Electoral College