Advantages and disadvantages of having smoke free workplaces economics essay

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Advantages and disadvantages of having smoke free workplaces economics essay

Employee Welfare The most valuable investment that an employer can make is an investment in employee welfare because the employees drive the company to success or failure. Statistics show that employees who do not smoke or are not exposed to constant passive smoking take fewer sick days and in the long run are more effective.

Employees who smoke or are subject to intense passive smoking are more likely to retire early Advantages and disadvantages of having smoke free workplaces economics essay go on disability. It is a known fact that most people want to quit smoking and therefore a healthier environment at work may encourage them to quit.

In some cases, it may be possible to get lower health, life, and disability insurance coverage as fewer employees smoke. This loss of productivity is contributed by employees having too many smoke breaks which cause numerous interruptions to the job at hand and therefore becoming inefficient.

In addition the smoke breaks are not regulated with a specific time or frequency. Due to this inefficiency, non smokers have to work harder to compensate for the work load of the smokers when they are on smoke breaks.

Employee Welfare

This may also create squabbles between employees due to the unbalanced workload of smokers versus non smokers and non smokers may argue about the detriment of passive smoking, which they might feel is against their fundamental rights.

This kind of friction may influence the levels of productivity and harmony of a work place. Hereunder is an excerpt about the difference a smoker could make to a business. If employees are encouraged to quit smoking, employers will see less loss of skills and knowledge, and therefore will reduce the cost of training employees in the long run.

Statistics show that many companies which offered smoke free workplaces to their employees all ended up having positive results. The Canadian Lung Association reported that the economic benefits of smoke free workplaces are noticeable over the long term such as five years or more. Greater job satisfaction Several studies show that the vast majority of both smokers and non smokers prefer to work in a smoke free environment.

Advantages and disadvantages of having smoke free workplaces economics essay

When employees are healthy and have a strong sense of personal welfare, there is an improvement in their morale and the overall quality of the work environment.

In this environment, employees are more productive and feel a greater sense of loyalty.

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Statistics show that the majority of people who smoke want to quit and several national surveys that took place in Canada showed that fewer people are smoking and those who smoke are smoking less. Therefore the workplace is a very important surrounding where one can help people to quit smoking for many reasons: A substantial amount of time is spent at the workplace Due to the large number of employees that workplaces contain, this environment is able to reach out to many people and therefore have the chance to influence an effective amount of smokers constantly.

Workplaces give the opportunity to meet with people from all walks of life and consequently the workplace might be a suitable place for smokers to get the necessary information and support from other employees, and from others who promote health in the workplace.

Enforcing a smoking ban in workplaces encourages smokers to cut down or quit and the non smokers to stay away from smoking. By providing smoke free workplaces, employers and health promoters in workplaces can give the necessary support for those trying to quit. Positive corporate image In the business world, the corporate image means a lot because what a company represents influences the opinion of people interested in the company.

A positive image helps attract potential investors and valuable employees. The companies which offer such smoke free workplaces and employee support become workplaces of choice. Employers and employees — rights and obligations These above mentioned factors have led to the creation of policies which observe the rights and obligations of the employers and employees.

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Such policies include Operating guidelines of a smoke free workplace such as the rights of non smokers and the conformity with the legislation of the specific country which relates to smoking in work places.

The legislation nowadays covers all workplaces and certain countries do not make provision for smoking in restrooms, canteens, corridors, personal offices or meeting lounges.

Specific places and times must be set from the company if it allows smoking areas.

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Employers have the right to write down time allowed for smoking periods and the addition of working time for the non smokers as contractual obligations and conditions. Employees have the right to complain about conditions with reference to having a smoke free workplace.

Employees have the obligation to comply with policies written down in a contractual agreement and if they fail to comply, they must face consequences. Employers can offer support services and counseling for those willing to quit smoking.

Employees with a higher health risk such as people with asthma and pregnant women must be given special attention in order to keep potential risks at bay. The entire smoking policies must be reviewed regularly so that if any changes are necessary due to new legislation or an initial adjustment or stricter policies, these can be provided for.

These policies may range from minor restrictions to complete ban of smoking. At first companies opted for segregated areas in a work place by separating the smokers from the non smokers. Therefore the end result will end up being similar to a workplace without segregation, although with the effects considerably reduced.

In the end smokers did not like being separated from their friends and colleagues, and non smokers still reported that they could inhale the tobacco smoke in their segregated area. Generally there are mainly 2 effective policies which are implemented: In order to be a smoke free workplace, no smoking should be allowed in company premises and vehicles.

Although it may allow designated outdoor areas where one is free to smoke.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin advantages and disadvantages Essay Advantages of Total Discuss advantages and disadvantages of having smoke free workplaces including the perspective of both employers and employees and their rights and obligations.

Jun 18,  · Advantages and Disadvantages of SmokingSmoking is a bad habit widespread among contains dangerous items which destroy the human brain and lungs. It causes different diseases such as cancer in different areas in the human body. From the religious point of view,it's prohibited. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Smoke Free Workplaces Economics Essay. word (11 pages) essay in Economics. Although many would agree that there are many advantages to smoke free workplaces, banning smoking in workplaces also has its disadvantages on a national aspect. An immediate disadvantage which will take place after a. is and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her.

The speedy spread of tobacco products and users all over the world is causing significant concern that has become a. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of having smoke free workplaces including the perspective of both employers and employees and their rights and obligations.

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Advantages and disadvantages of having smoke free workplaces economics essay

They take away freedom from people. Some critics see smoking bans as a violation on one’s personal liberty. They argue that people should have the autonomy to decide on what kind of lifestyle they will have.

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