Advice about life

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Advice about life

They have changed my life because now, no project seems too large, no task insurmountable. They are ways to get unstuck any time I am stuck. Other advice works well to solve a very specific problem, but only that problem.

The bits of advice below, however, are things I use over and over no matter what the problem.

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Start somewhere, start anywhere. I used to think you always had to start at the beginning. The logical place to start, right? And sure, there are many things where you need to do certain things in a certain order -- surgery, changing a flat tire, following a recipe. But for many things, particularly creative endeavors -- the beginning is sometimes an elusive little bugger.

Need to write a book? My to-do list might include "open up your laptop and write one paragraph. Find a list of tools needed and make sure you have all those. Suddenly invited to give a commencement address? Think about one small anecdote that you wish you had known as a college senior and expand from there.

There is no project or task that is too overwhelming if there are specific actions you know you can take. In fact, plan on it. This is a natural extension of the above, even though I heard it at an entirely different time in my life, from an entirely different now long forgotten source.

Say you want to go out and get a mortgage.

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You might get to the bank, and not have one of the papers you need. The banker walks you through the process. You go and get the rest of what is needed. But the important thing is -- you had some of the papers you needed.

There was no way you could have known every step ahead of time, so you ended up doing some of it over. Guess what -- that is not the end of the world. Getting annoyed because something took you twice as long as anticipated will only make you the type of person that is constantly annoyed.

The added benefit to this strategy is that you are constantly giving yourself a second chance.

Advice about life

Seek to connect, not to impress. Ok, I still have trouble doing this one. I catch myself on a daily basis saying, "wow, this will really impress them. And you know what?

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Occasionally I do impress people. Why on earth would someone like me for that? When I catch myself only trying to impress someone, these words flash like a neon sign in my head.

Be the person doing something interesting. Do you enjoy talking to someone who is trying desperately to convince you how great they are? Neither do potential employers. The best way to get a job is to get a referral from someone who has no vested interest in you getting the job, but has simply seen you doing amazing things.

If you are out in public, doing interesting things, people will say "wow, I wish I could do things like that". And they will want to work with you. What are you accomplishing? What are you building?Troostwijk Auctions undertakes online auctions throughout Europe from both insolvency and corporate closure.

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