Analysis of the dispossessed

Members of the staff from that period would later confirm how awful things really were after the camp had closed. Even those charged with running the school were aware of how dire the circumstances there were, but they kept up the charade of altruism for as long as the settlements would remain open. All the girls in their dormitory are awakened at 5: Molly feels she is too grown up for school, and this is just one of the many reasons why she feels she must get herself and her sisters out of the settlement.

Analysis of the dispossessed

The Marange diamond story has been one sad episode after another and the trend continues. The first major challenge was the unannounced invasion of Marange by tens of thousands of artisanal miners, merchants and dealers who did not submit to the local traditional leaders, culture and lifestyle.

The diamond rush was soon followed by reports of widespread violence among the panners and the dealers. Rape, murder and armed robberies became the order of the day, as they violently dispossessed each other of the precious stones and anything of monetary value. The level Analysis of the dispossessed lawlessness and violence brought by the diamond rush had never been experienced before in Marange.

Analysis of the dispossessed

November added another twist to the unfolding drama in Marange when the Zimbabwe National Army was deployed to drive out the artisanal miners and dealers as the state moved in to take full control of the lucrative diamond fields.

There was a massacre of artisanal miners and villagers and hundreds of villagers fled their traditional homes to take refuge in cities. Over miners were gunned down within a spate of 5 weeks and the exact figure of those killed will never be known.

Traditional leaders were helpless as their authority was overridden by the state. Having secured the diamond fields government moved a gear up in when it announced that it was going to forcibly relocate over 4 families from Marange to Arda Transau, a government farm located about 40KM north of Marange.

Whilst decent houses have been constructed for some of the relocated families, concern has been raised over the lack of adequate land for cultivation and pastures, given that the relocated families are subsistence farmers.

Currently the families have been allocated plots measuring the size of a football pitch where they both live and cultivate crops for subsistence. Over people have so far been relocated to Arda Transau and over 25 thousand await their fate. In it was estimated that diamond fields stretch for 70 hectares.

However the area believed to be rich in diamond deposits has now exceeded hectares and more explorations are still taking place, suggesting that more villagers will be earmarked for relocation to pave way for diamond mining.

However, apart from worrying about an uncertain future, remaining Marange residents are now more concerned about their health amidst increasing pollution of the environment by the diamond mining companies.

Water Pollution Save or Sabi River used to be the source of life for several villages starting from Marange and stretching several kilometers downstream. The river provided fish, drinking water for both humans and livestock and domestic chores such as laundry.

Villagers also bathed in the Save river which also acted as one of the few recreational facilities for young boys and girls who flocked the mighty river for swimming escapades. In some parts food was also grown alongside the river, more so due to the fact that Marange is a semi-arid region which experiences perennial droughts.

Renowned and highly successful Irrigation schemes at Nyanyadzi and Birchnough Bridge also drew water from the Save River. However, since the commencement of commercial diamond mining activities in Marange in Septembervillagers have watched in agony as life is rapidly being squeezed out of this once Might River by mining companies.

A scientific study commissioned by the Zimbabwe Environmental law Association and carried out by The University of Zimbabwe confirmed the fears of villagers and nongovernmental organizations who have long suspected that companies were polluting Save River. The report also noted that water in Save River was turbid or muddy due to discharge from the Anjin plant, thereby making it unsuitable for domestic consumption.

The researchers also concluded that Villagers could develop cancer due to a heavy presence of chromium and nickel in the river. Villagers interviewed by Center for Natural Resource Governance said they are now digging in the sand to fetch water for laundry as the water in the river is too muddy.

Several boreholes have dried up in recent years with locals pointing accusing fingers to diamond mining companies whose activities, they suspect, have affected the water table. Their argument is supported by Prof.

The Dispossessed

Given that all the companies are into alluvial diamond mining using the open cast system, there is massive clearance of forests and the top soil in Marange, thereby affected both the water table and the quality of water.

The clearance of land and forests in preference to diamond mining also means loss of wildlife habitat. Air and Noise Pollution Apart from water pollution, Marange is also experiencing serious air pollution. Villagers told CNRG how caterpillar motor graders are raising dust as they regularly grade the road surfaces which need regular maintenance due to the weight of dumpers.

Villagers fear a rise in cases of diseases such as Tuberculosis due to dust inhalation. During the visit to Marange by the KP representatives in Zimbabwe in Marchthis writer observed there were families living inside the premises of diamond mining companies.

We saw huge earth movers making their way through homesteads, raising clouds of dust and impairing our vision momentarily. Marange has also experienced noise pollution.

Millennials | Pew Research Center Background[ edit ] In her new introduction to the Library of America reprint inthe author wrote: There was a book in it, and I knew it, but the book had to wait for me to learn what I was writing about and how to write about it.
The Dispossessed Chapter 1 Summary & Analysis from LitCharts | The creators of SparkNotes The title of the film was taken from the Battle Hymn of the Republic, by Julia Ward Howe "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord, He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored, He has loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword, His truth is marching on". On the screen, the film honestly and realistically recreates the socio-economic impact of the Great Depression and a mids drought upon one representative family - the Joads.
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At least four companies in Marange have been certified by the Kimberly Process Certification scheme whilst a few more are doing exploration in preparation for active mining.The political left has produced countless classic works of analysis, memoir, and fiction. In an era of the Internet, in the age of sound bites, and in the world of texts that collapse the meaning of words into a single letter or two; where the bombardment of information ceaselessly flows, the ability to analyze, synthesize, and correctly processing information becomes ever more crucially important.

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Analysis of the dispossessed

Humility and Moderation vs. . Dec 12,  · The inhabitants of Marange believe their village would be a better place to live in had it not been for the discovery of enormous deposits of alluvial diamonds in , believed to constitute approximately 25% of the world's known deposits.

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