Capstone paper

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Capstone paper

This first part covers the opening, which included presentations of the best papers from all three tracks plus a new Test of Time award category. VIS has moved all the boring service awards out of the opening session, which is a good thing yes, they're well earned, but they're also boring.

Card and Jock D. Mackinlay20 yearsand ManyEyes: This will be Capstone paper subject of a posting soon, as well. They describe a system called TensorBoard to help engineers develop and debug deep learning networks. To do this, they have to transform the low-level data flow graph a into high-level interactive graph by combining nodes into modules, so that the overall structure can be understood.

Users can then expand and collapse these modules as necessary. Visual complexity in particular leads to lower discriminability of colors than even some more recent more conservative color perception models predict. Bar width and length also impact color discriminability, etc. They described their work on Open Spacea system to explore and show data about the solar system, from low-altitude fly-overs of Earth and Mars, to views of the entire system.

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They integrate real-time data from a variety of sources, like satellite data for weather patterns on Earth, high-resolution imagery of Mars, etc. So I asked how what they were doing was different from Google Earth. In short, their system deals with a lot more data, has access to a much larger range of different kinds of data, and is used by scientists as well as educators in planetariums.

Berlin GermanyOctober 21—26 Vancouver CanadaOctober 20—25 dates tentative Want to make more cool stuff like this? Check your local library or bookstore for these awesome books. Christians are engaged in a war. We resist the Devil, demolish strongholds and do battle in the name of the King.

We’re fighters in the Lord’s Army. Our weapons.

Capstone paper

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Robert Kosara is Senior Research Scientist at Tableau Software, and formerly Associate Professor of Computer Science. His research focus is the communication of data using visualization.

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