Comparison and contras

Conclude on their differences and similarities in the closing paragraph.

Comparison and contras

Contrast Difference between compare and contrast Compare and contrast are the two words that are used to show the similarities and differences between two things. When you compare two things you show how they are the same and when you contrast them you show how they are different.


If your intention is to write about how two things differ from one another then you are writing a contrast. How to compare One of the extra things that you do when you compare two things is that you examine the qualities of each one so that you show the ways in which they are similar to each other.

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How to contrast When you contrast two things you do not look at the qualities of each one. Rather you simply point out all the ways in which they are different. Summary When you compare two things, you show how they are alike.

When you contrast two things, you show how they are different. When you compare two things, you discuss the qualities of each one to show how they are similar.


You do not do this when you contrast two things because the focus is on how they are different.Should you use DNG or RAW format?This is one of the most important questions that you as a photographer need to ask yourself, because it will definitely affect your digital photography workflow.

verb (used without object) to exhibit unlikeness on comparison with something else; form a contrast. Linguistics. to differ in a way that can serve to distinguish meanings: The sounds (p) and (b) contrast in the words “pin” and “bin.”.

Comparison and contras

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Comparison and contras
Difference Between Compare and Contrast | Difference Between