Essays in the history of ideas

Here are 50 ideas to choose from: How has slavery changed the rate of development in the Western World? How did the bubonic plaque spread to reduce the population of both Europe and Asia? What could have been done to reduce the spread of the bubonic plague?

Essays in the history of ideas

Lovejoy was the founder of the academic study of the history of ideas, and in Essays in the History of Ideas were collected many of the shorter texts in which his vision of the field was concretely, if partially, exemplified. In the first essay of the collection - "The Historiography of Ideas" - he explains the necessity and principles of such a study.

It differs from o Arthur Oncken Lovejoy — Though he certainly had some kinds of precursors, the American philosopher Arthur O. It differs from other kinds of intellectual history above all in that it is not to be limited by a specific academic discipline.

Lovejoy's vision was to follow single ideas without concern for discipline and then to describe their interactions, antagonisms and syntheses.

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This clearly requires that the historian of ideas either be a jack of all intellectual trades or team up with experts in other fields this Lovejoy did in some of his works. In the Preface to this collection Lovejoy isolates three "general or frequently recurrent phenomena in the history of ideas, of which the various essays may be regarded as offering particular illustrations.

The presence and influence of the same presuppositions or other operative "ideas" in very diverse provinces of thought and in different periods. The role of semantic transitions and confusions, or shifts and ambiguities in the meanings of terms, in the history of thought and of taste.

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The internal tensions or waverings in the mind of almost every individual writer - sometimes discernible even in a single writing or on a single page - arising from conflicting ideas or incongruous propensities of feeling or taste, to which, so to say, he is susceptible.

The essays in this collection are relatively short and thus must be modest in their ambitions; they do not illustrate the full range of Lovejoy's vision. Most are concerned with ideas in a limited geographical and temporal setting - Western Europe really Britain, France, Germany and Italy in the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries - but Lovejoy does not limit his attention to philosophers' texts.

Indeed, he cites essayists and poets even more frequently than philosophers. There are also a few essays in this volume that venture outside of that particular spatio-temporal box, e. Even if one has little interest in this kind of intellectual endeavor, anyone interested in the thought that took place within that particular box is well rewarded by the reading of these essays.

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-. The author is founder of the History of Ideas Club at Johns Hopkins. Famous for his work on "primitivism", this is a collection of his essays. Interestingly, does not mention Hegel, who famously declared that the idea of history had died.4/5(1).

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Essays in the history of ideas

The Both in the History of Ideas 58 that such a science life must rest upon a careful study of the actual of peoples in the earlier stages of social evolution: Those who have studied the history of man.

trace man up to what I suppose his original it is certain that Of we state to have been. but on the history of man. that is 5/5(2).

Essays in the history of ideas

In this outstanding collection of essays, Isaiah Berlin, one of the great thinkers of the twentieth century, discusses the importance of dissenters in the history of ideas--among them Machiavelli, Vico, Montesquieu, Herzen, and initiativeblog.coms: Then finish reading this post to learn more about finding a topic and see those 13 history essay topics you came here for.

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