How to write a blog post on facebook

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How to write a blog post on facebook

Anyone who has ever tried knows this. Thankfully, however, there are techniques designed to make writing a great blog post easier. As a writer in the search marketing space, much of my time is spent crafting content designed to educate and sometimes entertain my audience.

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Turns out, the more you enjoy sharing your words, the better those words tend to be. My process for content writing looks like this: What information are you often seeking?

If you can pinpoint areas related to your business where many face difficulties, you can create a great benefit to your reader by solving their problems. Start keeping a list of potential topics to write about.

how to write a blog post on facebook

My team uses Google Docs to suggest blog topic ideas, both for themselves and for other departments. Outline The Post There are two great ways to work out an outline for your blog post.

The first way is that traditional outline our teachers taught us in grade school. It involves breaking out the main points of our post and creating a list of everything you want to include, in the order you will address it.

The second way to outline your post is verbally.

how to write a blog post on facebook

Grab a friend or a voice recorder and talk out your post and main points instead of trying to write them. For many, talking through your post is a lot more effective than trying to write about it from a blank slate.

Once you record yourself, you can take the transcript and use it to build an outline. Fill In The Blanks With a workable outline for your post created, start filling in the blanks. Add supporting evidence, show research, cite sources, give examples, tell stories, and just write. Focus on the ideas you want to convey, not your ability to say them intelligently.

In step 3, just focus on getting your ideas out and saying what it is you want to say. Edit With a first draft down, read your post out loud to help you spot any writing awkwardness, typos, wrong words, sentence fragments, and anything else that may be hindering the flow of your post. Work On Your Title Writing effective blog titles is hard.

Add Images Adding compelling images to your content will help tell your story and affect how users perceive it.

Concentrate on images that will set the tone for your post and draw people in. Images of people or that use warm colors often work best.

Above is my process for writing blog posts that people want to read. What do you find works best for you?

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How have you handled the content writing process?I really liked the tip about writing in an inverted pyramid style. You need to draw your readers in at the first sentence!

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The president loves to inflate his crowd sizes, sometimes adding tens of thousands of people to the count. But the reality is much, much lower. Posts on Facebook Pages or public groups: Facebook Pages and public groups are public spaces.

Anyone who can see the Page or group can see your post or comment. Generally, when you post or comment on a Page or to a public group, a story can be published in News Feed as well as other places on or off Facebook.

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