Newspaper research journal acceptance rate

Interesting that Platte County R-3 decided to not proceed at this time with plans to add Pre K to their curriculum as the public needs "further education" on the subject after review of their most recent survey. One week after this press release, like clockwork Sly James sends in a letter to your paper listing in great detail the need for Pre K in the school systems.

Newspaper research journal acceptance rate

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A review article provides a significant insight and critical analysis of the literature into a specific topic, deemed to be of high relevance in the field of waste management. The quality of the references and their assessment is critical for this type of publication.

New tables and figures that present published data in new ways are expected. Thorough experimental or analytical studies performed in the field of waste management that use rigorous methods and present original conclusive results.

These articles should not normally exceed 10—12 printed journal pages in length 1 printed journal page corresponds to approx. Shorter research communications focusing on specific details or preliminary results are also considered.

A technical note is a well-documented case study or report that demonstrates quality by providing accurate data and analysis of a specific waste problem, by potential applicability, or by clear technological innovation.

Newspaper research journal acceptance rate

These articles should not exceed 4—6 printed journal pages in length. The aim of these articles is to open a window onto the solid waste management situation in any given country, major city or significant geographic area.

Focus should be placed on specific evidence, different cultural approaches and items of social concern, highlighting the novelty of solutions adopted.

Newspaper research journal acceptance rate

Country Reports that are more suited to publication in a magazine or that are not of value to an international audience will not be published.

Articles should not exceed the length of 4—6 printed journal pages.

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In addition to editorials by editors of the journal, Waste Management encourages the submission of Guest Editorials. These could present discussion of current issues, or proposals for innovative policies, new organisational approaches, new ideas and philosophies, or views on the future examining social, environmental and economic aspects.

These articles should not exceed 2 printed journal pages in length. Papers not exceeding 2 printed journal pages to discuss, comment or integrate findings presented in articles published in the journal or to propose any matter deemed of interest for the Journal readership.

If necessary supplementary text, tables, and figures may be published as additional information only in the on-line version of the article.

Papers presented at conferences are welcomed by the journal.

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They would need to meet the requirements dictated in the above classification and be regularly submitted by the individual authors via the EES — Elsevier Editorial System. Special thematic issues may be compiled to accommodate articles dealing with the same subject.

All articles are peerreviewed to safeguard the scientific quality of the publication and are circulated to journal subscribers. It acts in the same way as a Call for Papers in a major conference.🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes.

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