Professionalism in childcare

High levels of professionalism in early care and education ensures positive outcomes. Professionalism in early child care and education has been the mantra for child care professionals and professional organizations for quite some time.

Professionalism in childcare

Well, let me tell you - I have never once sat on a baby! I am a professional Professionalism in childcare provider! Have you ever had these thoughts?

Whether we are providing childcare in our home or in a daycare center, we are in a constant battle with parents to recognize us as "professionals".

But, are we projecting the professional image we claim to possess as we go about our daily activities? Mom takes little Johnny to his childcare provider.

They knock on the door at 7: Five minutes later, the childcare provider opens the door still in her bathrobe and curlers! Dad takes little Sarah to the daycare center. In Professionalism in childcare to be recognized as professionals, childcare providers must "play the part".

Professionalism in childcare

What Is a Childcare Professional? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "profession" as "a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long academic preparation. A childcare professional would then be considered one who has obtained special knowledge in providing quality care to all children, and continues to pursue educational instruction in childcare related topics.

Components of a Childcare Professional So, how do we portray ourselves as professionals? First of all, we must know the components of a childcare professional.

Then, we must find the components we are personally missing. And lastly, we must find a way to fulfill those missing components. Only then, will we be able to call ourselves "professionals". Below is a list of the major components of a childcare professional: Childcare Professionals are devoted to their profession.

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Maintain high standards of quality childcare through consistency and dedication. If you are not totally devoted to your profession, you will be very unhappy, and it will reflect in your ability to properly care for children.

Childcare requires excessive amounts of time and preparation, a deep love for children, and a sincere desire to provide our children with a brighter future. You must be able to reach beyond yourself and your own family to nurture the young hearts of tomorrow.

The childcare profession is a low-paying profession. It takes someone whose main goal is to make a difference in the life of a child, despite the low income. Childcare is not a highly regarded career by most, so the innovation must come from within you.

It takes a sincerely devoted and dedicated individual to become a Childcare Professional. Childcare Professionals strive to project a professional business atmosphere. Toys, books, and supplies must be neatly organized on shelves and in containers. Floors must be swept and cleaned, and carpets should be vacuumed and cleaned as needed.

Everything should be in good condition. Broken toys, dirty floors, torn up books, messy tables-this does not project a professional image. Obviously, you cannot shine every mirror or remove every fingerprint.

It would be unreasonable to expect a childcare business to be sparkling clean. You do want your daycare to look as though children play there! However, maintaining tidy areas for eating, sleeping, and playing will contribute to a safe and healthy environment for your children. Childcare providers should be open and ready for business at the posted opening time.

Personal grooming should be done prior to business hours. Your clothing should be neat and clean, and appropriate for playing on the floor with all your children. Imagine yourself as the parent who is walking into your daycare for the very first time.While many child care centers require their staff members to possess high school diplomas, many do not even mandate this minimum educational level.

As a small-business owner committed to providing professional care to the families with whom you contract, your .

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Category: Professionalism Let’s Talk Coaching. January 30, Cindy Thompson. Registry for EcoHealthy Child Care® on the DHS Training Registry. Kristi Cooper, Human Science Specialist, Grandma and aromatherapy user. Kristi Cooper. Professionalism in the field of early care and education requires the application of research-based practice in all areas of a child care including, teaching, social/emotional practices, nutrition, health and safety, personnel and administration.

Child Care Professionals. Child care provider.

Professionalism in childcare

Early learning specialist. Teacher. Educator. No matter what your title is, at Child Care Resources, we support you as you provide quality early learning experiences for children. Below is a list of the major components of a childcare professional: Childcare Professionals are devoted to their profession.

Maintain high standards of quality childcare through consistency and dedication. Professionalism in the workplace is an essential quality. Your conduct on the job influences your boss's, coworker's, and customer's opinions of you.

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