Should students participate in politics

Should Students Participate In Politics? Because it is a governing body that determines how other sectors have to function.

Should students participate in politics

Home Politics Why should youth participate in politics? Why should youth participate in politics? By 1 It has been lately observed that after the independence of our country, the sail of the ship was taken by the old and experienced generation which was definitely important at that point of time however, it is sad to see that the trend is still continuing.

While some wants to be a doctor, engineer, fashion designer, businessman there is a dearth of young bloods that are vocal about the fact that they want to be a politician.

Can we take politics, beyond? What it is perceived as? May be we should. So, why should we really take the charge? Here are the answers. Vocal about youth — A youth would understand the youth, and if you truly seek for development in service sectors of private spheres, you have to get into politics.

There are issues about youth, that go unheard and if you want to give that strata of the society a voice, then this is the way. Fresh blood — The roots of politics are rotten and you can be that freshness to drive the rot away.

Oct 13,  · In my experience, I have always been one to dominate class discussions and actively participate, however all students should have the chance to participate as well. I should not be the one to take up all the discussion time, everyone should have the opportunity to learn. Quite a number of students are involved in politics nowadays even with the implementation of University & University College Act (AUKU). Some are even members of political parties. This topic has been much debated for some time now and there are different views and thoughts on whether students should be allowed to take . Students across the nation, including the Bay Area, are staging a national “March For Our Lives” walkout on Wednesday to mark the 17 lives lost in Parkland, Florida and to urge Congress to.

Fresh blood in the system means, aliveness, energy, fresher ideas, fresher talent and most importantly fresh moves towards the development.

Education — Now, education is one of the crucial elements that our representatives on the panel of politics lack. But if the younger generation decided to enter politics, we can expect decency and moreover educated leaders taking the country to another height.

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Education in a way plays a huge role in shaping the perception, and if we are aiming towards growth our leaders must have broader perceptions that would match at the global platform.

Role model — We admire actors, actresses, cricketers, writers, anchors, and so on but very less of us actually admire a politician.

Entering of youngsters into the politics can certainly give us a role model to look upon. He or she can inspire million other youth to change the system by being into it. Our country needs a young leader terrible to guide us and make the Adeline rush to be felt once again.

Nurturing talent — There is no equal distribution of development and opportunities in our country however, there is somewhere a hope that if youth began to enter into politics the scenario might change. They will be able to channelize the talent of younger generation in a lot better away.

Lots of people, especially youngsters fly abroad because of dearth in scope and opportunities and who can understand this situation better than the one who belongs to the younger crowd?A politician always needs to be well read and highly intelligent, so even if a student wishes to join active politics in future he must prepare himself first.

students unions and clubs should participate in various social and cultural activities.

Should students participate in politics

Apr 30,  · Students under the legal voting age should be interested in what is going on around them and in the people shaping the world they are going to live in. It is only natural that they should be interested in Resolved.

When the argument comes that whether the students should be involved in politics the majority of the people thinks that it is not a wise approach to involve the youth and the students of the country in politics, because this might be injurious to the students as well as to the institutions of the state.

Jun 11,  · Of late much has been said in pros and cons of the burning question, "Should students take part in politics".

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A few years ago the supreme court of Pakistan gave their verdict on the question and prohibited the students from taking active part in politics. Students across the nation, including the Bay Area, are staging a national “March For Our Lives” walkout on Wednesday to mark the 17 lives lost in Parkland, Florida and to urge Congress to.

Schools tend to place extreme importance on educating students about the history of the American government, but do not address current politics. Educators should try to incorporate the present state of affairs into the curriculum.

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