Sids research papers

The original site was established on August 14, to help me share my personal story, extensive medical research, and applied knowledge with clients, friends, and family.

Sids research papers

National Academy of Sciences there have been more than 50 studies, in nine countries, that have indicated an inverse relationship between water hardness and mortality from cardiovascular disease.

That is, people who drink water that is deficient in magnesium and calcium generally appear more susceptible to this disease. National Academy of Sciences has estimated that a nation-wide initiative to add calcium and magnesium to soft water might reduce the annual cardiovascular death rate byin the United States.

Abstract Universal drinking water and beverages containing moderate to high levels of magnesium 10— ppm could potentially prevent 4.


The modern processed food diet, low in magnesium and spreading globally, makes this well-researched potential of drinking-water magnesium worth serious consideration, especially in areas where insufficient dietary intake of magnesium is prevalent.

Note from Paul the Mg Librarian: By comparison, in the previous century only about , died from wars. Altura This quote is from the conclusion of the article, Atherosclerosis and magnesium, which was published in in the WHO publication, Calcium and Magnesium in Drinking-water: Corrections of these deficits should perforce lead to healthier bodies, less cardiovascular diseases and longer lifespans.

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Some of the conditions magnesium may be useful in treating or preventing are:The original site was established on August 14, to help me share my personal story, extensive medical research, and applied knowledge with clients, friends, and family. The venture has grown into a full-time project as the number of readers- and testimonials- has skyrocketed over the years.


Sids research papers

Research is being conducted all over the world to better understand sleep related sudden infant deaths. The American SIDS Institute is involved in research looking at the tissue of infants who have died suddenly and with research studying live infants.

An amazing amount of health information related to magnesium, including printed pages of medical journal articles, and the magnesium hotline number! In Samoa – small island developing States meet to review progress and plan way forward.

Small island developing States met in Samoa from 29 October to 1 November to review their progress in implementing the SAMOA Pathway, the programme of action for small islands.

About second hand smoke. The original Surgeon General's report, followed by this first "hazard" warning on cigarette packages, the subsequent "danger" warning on cigarette packages, the removal of cigarette advertising from television and the inclusion of the "danger" warning in cigarette advertising, were all "blows" of sorts for the tobacco industry.

Yes, nurses do research. In order to have evidence-based practice, we need evidence.

Sids research papers

And with their knowledge and hands-on experience, nurses can theorize, hypothesize, structure studies, and collect evidence that leads to better care.

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