So many friends so many memories

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So many friends so many memories

I also entertained extensively throughout Detroit area at the same time. I believe the years were about to One year, I spoke the German Professor role for the annual September back-to-school program. I had a solo, but I froze when it became time to sing it.

Didn't cause much damage, though. We sang from the upper mezzanine third floor so that the songs floated down to the pedestrians in the main hall. The accoustics were especially suited to the occasion.

It was a grand time! It was the announcement for the Chevy. We rehearsed until about 2: Before they showed the new car, they blacked out the house entirely. We were standing in loges at the top of the auditorium. He had a lucite baton that was illuminated by a small bulb in the shank.

As the curtain rose, black lights were trained on the scrims which still blocked the view of the stage. The chorus whisper repeating the lyric became louder, then the harmony began as the orchestra joined in. The crescendo continued as the scrims were raised one at a time. As each scrim disappeared, more of the chrome fittings on the car, which had been treated with a coating that reflected the black light, became visible.

So many friends so many memories

When the final scrim cleared the car, the chorus and orchestra were at triple forte and the houselights came on to reveal the full view of the car. The emotional strength of the moment was so great that the audience arose with the final scrim as if they were attached to it.

The applause was deafening. I was married in a double ceremony in His boss agreed to engineer a sound recording of the ceremony. I was able recently to have the fragile tapes digitized. The chorus was splendid and the recording is remarkably good, in spite of the time and recording difficulties.

The chorus was 60 feet from the mikes, but the engineer was able to capture the sound. They sang military-type songs: They were used mostly to provide program variety, but they also accepted gigs on their own infrequently. They were uniformed with red military jackets with gold buttons and epaulets.

Each wore a white belt with a strap over one shoulder. The uniform was topped off by a very tall, cylindrical, furry, white military hat with chin strap and plume which was difficult to deal with.

I performed in two gigs with them.Sep 22,  · ♫ Jelani Ameer - So Many Friends (ft. Dizzy Wright) ♫ Follow us on Spotify: ♫ Support Rap Nation ♫ ♦ So Many Memories quotes - 1. I am a complete sentimentalist when it comes to clothes. I have so many memories attached to them that I can't throw anything out.

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In Remembrance of David Ellman, Class of There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you.

So many friends so many memories

I'm sure there are many others that experience the same fond memories of your time on planet earth. So Many Fish, So Little Time: of the World's Greatest Backcountry Honeyholes, Trout Rivers, Blue Ribbon Waters, Bass Lakes, and Saltwater Hot Spots [Mark D Williams] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

*BEST FRIENDS* So many Memories made So many more to make.. -Nica Ü. The article below is a historical perspective of recovered memories in the courts. It reviews cases through To our knowledge, the period from through was the time with the most recovered memory cases involving families. I have so many great friends, so many great memories, so many great pictures, so many great songs, so many great relationships with people. I definitely feel, for .

Ever dreamed of following in Hemingway's footsteps and fishing in the Basque country of Spain? Or casting your line in the urban jungle of New York City?

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