Taxation and e-commerce essay

Key points to remember Collect sales tax from ALL buyers in states where you have sales tax nexus. Nexus is slightly different in every state, so check with the state or a sales tax expert if you are not sure whether you have nexus. Verify if your products are taxable In the U. In other words, most items like furniture, jewelry, toothbrushes, coffee mugs, etc.

Taxation and e-commerce essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It is no longer a future to be discussed at leisure, rather, it is a reality that has been too long ignored. The effort to adopt revenue systems to the global electronic marketplace has been too long and too hard.

Many of the taxation practices we have taken for granted in the past, including fixed tax-jurisdictions and source of income classifications, were developed during a time completely technologically dissimilar from our own.

Lymer 34 In the past, taxation has always been fundamentally based on physical location, either that of the buyer or Taxation and e-commerce essay of the seller. Buyer location, seller location, and the Internet Service Providers of both may be candidates.

As methods of transport rapidly evolved, there was a slow advance of negotiations and standardisations to govern the taxation of services and goods[1].

When a product left one jurisdiction and entered another, taxes and tariffs were paid and the goods were either delivered there or passed through another jurisdictional barrier and were assessed again.

Varian Some jurisdictions had negotiated untaxed goods transit, and some had not; however, this was a localised problem between a jurisdiction and its neighbours. This meant a limited amount of negotiations with known parties who, by and large, were interested in trade with persons of similar spatial locality.

Hard-copy records and physical goods are becoming increasingly replaced with digital equivalents. E-commerce transactions range from the buying and selling of traditional retail products such as books and food to wholly digital goods and services such as software, music, and financial services.

May 80 Today, e-commerce and instant global communication have opened the passage of goods and services to many areas that were previously unable to attain goods from the global market. E-commerce presents enormous challenges.

Countries that wholeheartedly embrace e-commerce will benefit from improved economic performance.

Taxation and e-commerce essay

Those that do not, risk seeing trade ebb away to low-cost competitors elsewhere in the world. In Britain, the EU, and the United States, as well as in developing nations, entrepreneurs and established businesses struggle with tax systems developed for a less dynamic economy than that delivered by the Internet.

OECD, Articles 6 Consumers are also affected when they want to purchase a product, but cannot find out what the tax will be, or if they must pay tax in their own jurisdiction for an interstate or international order.

Many who would like to be upstanding citizens and pay due tax may not because of the process involved in filing taxes in another jurisdiction. Taxation affects the decision of consumers to buy goods over the Internet. Indirect versus Direct When dealing with taxation and tariffs, we can categorise them into two very succinct categories: Indirect taxation is a tax or tariff applied to goods, services, or anything else that causes tax to be paid by an individual as a consequence of some action.

Direct taxation is taxes or tariffs collected directly from the entity, usually quarterly or annually. Traditionally, the higher in a government hierarchy you look[2], the more direct taxation, and less indirect taxation, will show. This follows from governmental structures which have the higher governmental bodies deal with core services, while local governments outlay more capital for local services such as roads, restoration, and care of the populace.

Indirect taxation recovers cost from mobile or transitory persons for the use of local services, while direct taxation recovers cost from a citizen or business for services that are globally available. Indirect taxation is one of the simplest and most commonly employed ways for a municipal government to boost regional income, either in addition to, or in place of, the direct taxation of its citizens.

Indirect taxation methods are intended to collect taxes and tariffs from transactions in the region, regardless of the regions from which the involved parties come. Luxury items often have extra taxation included in their prices.

Utility prices often include delivery surcharges which apply to all consumers and are included in their bills.

Globally, the tourism industry is one of largest collectors of indirect taxes. Hotel, restaurant, and vehicle rental taxes make up a significant part of many cities, and some countries, revenue. Unfortunately sales tax is problematic, both from the economic point of view and the practical one.

In many jurisdictions, sales tax does not apply to food, most clothing, and many services. Thus, in terms of generating revenue, sales tax is not as effective as flat direct taxation might be. If it were not for international trade treaties, tax would have to be paid on purchase and on export every time a consumer purchased goods or services in a foreign country.

In the past, the jurisdiction of indirect taxation had only been settled with much discussion and cooperation; however, with the expansion of trade possibilities in the global marketplace[5], it appears that international negotiation is simply too complex.

Is the jurisdiction the server, company, or destination of the transaction?Free Essay: Internet Taxation and the Expansion of E-Commerce Internet taxation is an issue concerning different aspects of the Internet and its taxing. The. Essay on E-Commerce: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages.

Article shared by: ADVERTISEMENTS: Business house or on individual business has to file income tax and sales tax returns and various types of other returns.

As yet this requires filing of return in respective office and apply for approval in concerned office.

Essay on e-Commerce

A New Essay on E. CHAPTER 2 TAXATION OF ELECTRONIC COMMERCE Should e-commerce be taxed? E-commerce as generally defined covers transactions involving offer and acceptance on networks.

Mode of delivery and payment may be indigitised form or in traditional relating to taxation of e-commerce in India. The effected parties of the taxation of e-commerce is the internet commerce that has touched all aspects of business technology infrastructure, business-to-business commerce, business-to-consumer commerce, business portals, new business models, the growth, and decline of tech stocks, new marketing and advertising strategies, and interesting 4/4(1).

Taxation of E-Commerce This Research Paper Taxation of E-Commerce and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • September 22, • Research Paper • 1, Words (5 Pages) • 1, Views4/4(1).

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The business is only a little benefited and the people who buy.

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