The problems the squirrels cause

They are now a common wildlife species in urban areas and mixed woodland DIET Most of a squirrel's time is spent foraging for and storing food.

The problems the squirrels cause

The problems the squirrels cause

With a fondness for fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers, the common gray squirrel has long spelled trouble for home gardeners.

Squirrels are especially active in autumn as they stock up for winter. They have a major instinct for hoarding food, which helps them to survive. Although North America is home to several species of squirrels, it is the suburb-savvy gray squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis, that gives gardeners and people who feed birds the most grief.

How do these clever critters find bulbs, anyway? Why do they ransack some borders and leave others alone? The average squirrel gathers acorns, pinecones, nuts, bark, fruit, berries, fungi, and insects, but is not above stealing bird eggs and bulbs.

Sometimes they will even ruin your flowers just for the fun of it!

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Its color varies from gray, tan, or light brown to dark brown and black. Its belly is light, from white to gray. Its body is 8 to 11 inches in length, and its tail measures 8 to 10 inches. The nose of these expert foragers is a tiny but powerful tool in the search for hidden nuts and berries.

Squirrels will not only attack your gardens, but your bird feeders as well. If so, your place is squirrel heaven! Scatter dog or human hair around your garden.

Now, once in the spring and once in the fall, I ask my hairdresser to save a big bag of hair for me. I lightly dig this into the soil. This is a losing battle, since the population of squirrels is extremely high.

If squirrels are especially challenging, try chicken wire.

Photos of Damage from Squirrels in Attic - Torn Ducts, Wires, Pipes

Plus, check out our list of rodent-proof bulbs. Place birdfeeders at least 5 to 6 feet off the ground and 8 to 10 feet away from your house, trees, or structures.

Squirrels can leap that far and even farther. Some folks use a pulley system. Add squairrel guards or baffles below new birdfeeders.

Bird contacts are one of the largest contributors to power outages in the summer

If squirrels are climbing up your birdhouse poles, try rubbing them with Crisco!Problems, Solutions, and Health Concerns The most common problem associated with gray squirrels is their ability to take up residence in people’s homes.

They associate holes in eaves, soffits and roofs with a tree cavity, their natural nests, and move right in. Other animals, including birds, raccoons, and snakes, also cause power outages on occasion, but squirrels are far and away the most common culprit.

Curriculum Vitae. Interviews and Press. I'm currently a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis.


I received my PhD from the Psychology Department at UC Berkeley, working with Dr. Lucia Jacobs. Problems Caused by squirrels Once a squirrel gains entry, it can quickly multiply and cause extensive damage.

They can chew through wiring, wood, and insulation. Description. Pest squirrels are divided into three groups for classification: tree squirrels; ground squirrels; flying squirrels; Species that fall into all three groupings have the capacity to cause destruction on lawns and in of the more common species that regularly come into contact with humans and manmade structures include fox squirrels, eastern gray squirrels, and red squirrels.

Raccoons are wild animals - they don't make the best house guests. They are simply very sloppy and destructive by nature. Some people have tried to keep them as pets - aside from the danger of being bitten or scratched, the main problem is that they destroy everything in the house.

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