Tupac s essays keep ya head up

Remembering Why Tupac is Important I had a conversation with a couple of people the other day about the importance of Tupac. Somebody told me that Tupac wasn't one of the most globally known, or internationally recognized Black people ever. Another person said that his music wasn't politically or socially relevant; that he wasn't as important to Black music as Bob Marley.

Tupac s essays keep ya head up

Many people consider a thug to be some big gangster- who sells drugs, has been in trouble with the law, is rebellious, etc. According to Tupac Shakur, the term "thug" means the underdog, not a criminal or someone who is going to hit you over the head in the street- as the media portrays the word Shakur Even though the images of some rappers seem to send the wrong messages, Tupac's songs are where his real messages are.

If people would listen to the words of his songs, instead of just hearing the bass and the music, then they could better understand the individual. Tupac was an artist with words. Dispite his repeated run-ins with the authorities and ultimate death, Tupac Shakur managed to use his music and talent for poetry to send positive messages to his loyal listeners.

Tupac Amaru Shakur was born on June 16, 1. Little would one expect, as a child, Tupac was a part of the th Street Ensemble, a fine arts school for gifted and talented. At the age of fifteen, Tupac started writing lyrics and eventually started rapping, using his New York background to seem tough 2.

Behind the tough rapper, there was another side of Tupac Shakur. He also began to write poetry around his late teenage years. Later on in life, Shakur would have a book of his poems published, called "The Rose that Grew from Concrete".

Shakur was far more educated than most people know. Tupac's mix of poetry and music is what made him one of the greatest artists and rappers of all time. According to Vibe Magazine, Tupac's story began before he was even born, as Tupac was shaped by many of the problems of inner city youths growing up in post-civil-rights America- poverty, faithfulness, and constant relocation Vibe 2.

Shakur was a lyrical genius. He just had a way of getting messages across that his listeners could relate to- those who were dealing with the everyday struggle of the streets and how to survive it. You just have to keep your head up and keep living, as in the chorus of the same song: Keep ya head up Eeeew child things are gonna get easier Eeeew child things are gonna get brighter Gotta keep ya head up Shakur.

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He talks about how women today are constantly being disrespected, and what we, as men, need to do to show we appreciate them in the song: I wonder why we take from our women Why we rape our women Do we hate our women? I think it's time to kill for our women Time to heel our women Be real to our women Shakur.

He truly was a sensitive and caring person under the thuggish image he had created with the media and the public. Not only was he a great musical artist, Tupac was also a great poet.

Shakur sent messages through poetry, just as he did in his music. Poetry was a great passion of his- one that he excelled in, just as he did with music.

Tupac s essays keep ya head up

In Shakur's poem, Life through My Eyes, one can get an idea of what he has seen during his childhood: Life through my bloodshot eyes would scare a square 2 death poverty, murder, violence and never a moment 2 rest Shakur He had a talent for storytelling.

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Tupac s essays keep ya head up

one nigga's getting jealous, and motherfuckers died. See more.

Tupac Net Worth is $40 Million.

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Topics in Paper. Tupac Shakur; Growing up, Snoop was Tupac Shakur's song "Keep Ya Head Up" contains such lyrics as Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Page 1 of 2. In the song “Keep Ya Head Up” one of Tupac’s verse The Assassination of Tupac Essays. The Assassination of Tupac (2Pac) Shakur (Greatest Rapper?) "Selling more than 75 million copies of his album, Tupac became one of the best selling artists in the world" (Tupac Shakur Biography).

Tupac Shakur a.k.a 2 Pac was born in New York in Tupac Shakur's legacy of poetry, rap, passion, politics, and scatology continues with the recent release of Until the End of Time, a collection of raps originally recorded during his "Makaveli" period.

Keep Ya Head Up Lyrics: Little something for my godson Elijah / And a little girl named Corin / Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice / I say the darker the flesh, then the deeper the. He also showed his compassionate side with the anthem "Keep Ya Head Up", while simultaneously putting his legendary aggressiveness on display with the .

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