Writing about culture and identity

How do your peers and community view you?

Writing about culture and identity

Cuisine holds an important place in Hongkongese culture. Hong Kong cuisine, which is influenced by both western mainly British and eastern mainly Cantonese cultures, is very diverse. Despite these, it is not simply a collection of cuisine from other regions of the world, but also has its own style: Cha chaan teng Jyutping: Caa4 caan1 teng1; Traditional Chinese: In these "tea restaurants", various set meals are served throughout the day for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner, providing eastern mostly Cantonese cuisines, British foods such as egg tartsand Hongkongese foods, such as Hong Kong-style French toast, Hong Kong drinks, yuanyang, and lemon iced tea.

There are many special foods and drinks in Hong Kong. Hong Kong-style Cantonese pastries are made by most bakeries in Hong Kong, like egg tartspineapple bunswife cakejin deui and cream bun. Even pastel de nataa Portuguese egg tart, is being sold in KFC, the fast-food chain restaurant.

BBQ pork is a common dish in Cantonese cuisine. Tong sui is popular among Hongkongese as well. Mooncakes found in Hong Kong are mostly Cantonese-stylethough Hongkongese also have local inventions such as snow skin mooncake. Canto-Western cuisine is common in Hong Kong.

It has both "Western" and Chinese mainly Cantonese influences.

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A bowl of poon choi Imitation shark fin soup is a popular street snack invented in Hong Kong. The soup is either made with synthetic shark fins, cellophane noodleskonjac gelor other alternatives. Traditional Chinese holidays and Public holidays in Hong Kong There are some distinctive holidays that are celebrated in Hong Kong as a part of eastern culture, and not generally in western countries, except among certain overseas Chinese especially Cantonese communities.

Other Han Chinese events include the Dragon Boat Festivalwhere Zongzi is made by millions at home as part of the tradition, and Mid-Autumn Festivalwhich involves the massive purchase of Mooncakes from Chinese bakery shops. Hong Kong Well-wishing Festival involves locals throwing their wishes onto a wishing tree [31].

Religions and beliefs[ edit ] Main article: Religion in Hong Kong People honoring gods in a dajiao celebration, the Cheung Chau Bun Festival Religion in Hong Kong is varied, although most Hongkongese are of Cantonese descent and thus practice the Cantonese branch of Chinese folk religion[32] which also has elements of Confucian doctrines, Mahayana Buddhism and Taoist ritual traditions.

In their Taoist traditions, Hongkongese also show Cantonese characteristics.

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They, like the Cantonese people in the mainland, traditionally worship Wong Tai Sin [33] and several other Taoist sea deities, such as Hung Shing and Mazu.

The other half of the population mostly takes part in other Chinese folk religionswhich comprehend the worship of local gods and ancestors, in many cases not declaring this practice as a religious affiliation in surveys. The traditional Cantonese religiosity, including Mahayana Buddhism, was generally discouraged during the British rule over Hong Kongwhich favored Christianity.

Man6 mai5; Traditional Chinese: It is often common for living people to want to ask dead people about their lives in the underworld. In these rituals, people bring paper-made garments, paper-made money, and paper-made food to burn them, traditionally believing that this could pass the objects to dead people and give the latter a more comfortable afterlife.For an identity essay to have impact, it should cover different facets of your identity from your name's origin to your character, principles and values.

Your friends, family, community and culture are also part of your identity. Sandra Cisneros (born December 20, ) is a Mexican-American writer. She is best known for her first novel The House on Mango Street () and her subsequent short story collection Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories ().

Her work experiments with literary forms and investigates emerging subject positions, which Cisneros herself . The URL is incorrect.

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Please double check the URL and try again. The culture of Hong Kong, or Hongkongese culture, can best be described as a foundation that began with Lingnan's Cantonese culture (which is distinct to begin with) and, to a much lesser extent, non-Cantonese branches of Han Chinese initiativeblog.com later became influenced by British culture due to British colonialism, resulting in a culture .


writing about culture and identity

In the way of Jesus, St Joseph’s Catholic High School aspires to respect and celebrate the dignity of all. Inspired by the life of St Joseph, the school promotes a culture of faith, justice and service. My Cultural Identity Essay - My culture identity, as I know it as is African American.

My culture can be seen in food, literature, religion, language, the community, family structure, the individual, music, dance, art, and could be summed up as the symbolic level.

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